The project Roušec arose from the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 which was accompanied by lockdown and other measures adopted by the Czech Republic. The objective was to create a facemask which will be pleasant to wear and chic at the same time. One that will fit any face and can be adjusted to the user’s needs and customs. The whole process was simple, yet sophisticated: we fine-tuned the design and created three sizes, each for
the type of face of the user, added a logo, and Roušec came into existence.

The material cannot be further specified as many versions have been created during the state of emergency and those are still being varied according to the donations and solutions that have been affordable for us. Our current goal is to become more environmental friendly and to make Roušec as ecological as it is possible. Roušec is a symbolic gesture and all facemasks have been and will continue being for free. The gesture on your side might consist of financial support to our studio that can help us avert the detrimental effects of the whole situation.

We are truly thankful for all support we have received and we are happy that several hundreds of BRS facemasks have found their proud owners. You can order yours via e-mail or on our social networks IG @blankarozovastudio or FB Blanka Rozova Studio.