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lad I laboratoř architektury a designu
Na Poříčí 116/5, Liberec, Czech Republic

I created the Blanka Rozova Studio in 2018 on the spur of the moment, „in a time that did not expect that and at a place that was not meant to be there either“. After graduating from Enviromental Design Studies at the Faculty of Art and Architecture in Liberec and a couple of years of experience in interior design I discovered a longing for exploring a larger variety of design, its meaning and its expression in the context of time and place. At the Studio, we do not cling to a particular image of our work and we let the development take place. At the time, we are engaging in projects ranging from interiors and exteriors to minor architecture. Apart from common design projects we enjoy dealing with experimental forms that include working with uncommon sources, approaches and ideas which represents an opposition to current. This is our way to oppose the current materially supersaturated times.